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Where Microsoft Really Went Wrong With Vista
Date 10/29/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

There were delays and compatibility issues and a constant barrage of unanswered attacks by Apple on Windows Vista but ultimately there is but one reason the Vista ship sank...
Why should I upgrade to Windows Vista?
There is no compelling reason to make the switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista. There are several small features and updates that are nice to have but there is not one single, killer feature of Windows Vista that makes you stand up and say "I need that, I can't live without that, that will make every day of my life will be a little better".

When a consumer makes a purchase, there is almost always a driving force that causes that purchase. You might by new shoes because your old shoes were falling apart. You might buy a new car because it gets better gas mileage than your current one. You might buy a sandwich because you're hungry and have a completely natural love of all things sandwich.

The more expensive the purchase, the stronger this force needs to be to overcome the price. You'd buy a candy bar because it tastes good if it cost a $1, but you would pass if it cost $199.95 (the price of the cheapest flavor of Vista). You might go out and buy an umbrella so you don't get wet when it rains, but you probably won't buy two because you already have one perfectly good umbrella. Those two scenarios represent the core issue with Windows Vista... its expensive and not really any better that what consumers have already (performance wise it's actually worse). So you've got something that the consumer doesn't desire that is also expensive. Anyone in marketing will tell you that making that sale is going to be tough.

Sure the early headaches hurt sales and consumer confidence, but I strongly believe that people would be jumping all over the Vista bandwagon now that those problems are ironed out. But because they don't have a reason to do so, they'll happily wait for Windows 7. 0

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