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Fun Infused Games 2011 Wrap-up
Date 1/1/2012    Tags Hypership, Volchaos, Trivia or Die    (0)

2011 was a busy year for Fun Infused Games. We released two titles for Xbox Live Indie Games (Trivia or Die on February 11th and Volchaos on November 30th). We released a free and paid version of Hypership Out of Control for Windows Phone 7. And we released Hypership Out of Control for iOS on September 15th. Additionally I was the co-coordinator on this year’s Sumer Uprising for Xbox Live Indie Games. I’ve also got a lot of work done on some unreleased games including World of Chalk (PC), Nastier (XBLIG), and Abduction Action (WP7).

In terms of games released, I had hoped to release one more original game in 2011 but ultimately development of Volchaos too far longer than anticipated (I had hoped to finish the game early this summer). I hadn’t anticipated having an iOS port of Hypership done this year but a partnership with Jesse Chounard allowed that to happen (he did all the hard work of porting the game). I thought I would have done one or two more WP7 ports myself but ultimately the poor sales / ad revenue from the Hypership port have soured me on the platform. As a side note, because WP7 sales numbers were so low, I’m not going to even take the effort to include them in any of the upcoming charts or graphs.

In terms of sales, Trivia or Die matched and exceeded my expectations for 2011 and since the recent Xbox Dash update, sales have been up. Hypership (iOS) did well enough. It was hard to anticipate what we could expect in sales since this was a new platform for us. It didn’t make me rich but it wasn’t a failure either. I think with DLC and future updates, there could still me a lot more profits to be had from this version of the game. I have taken over update duties on Hypership (iOS) and plan to do at least a couple in 2012. Volchaos sales were hugely disappointing. My pre-2011 releases chipped in with some profits but nothing huge.

Game Sales Profits
Trivia or Die 3785 $2,649.50
Abduction Action! 386 $270.20
Hypership (XBLIG) 494 $345.80
Nasty 116 $81.20
Volchaos 581 $406.70
Hypership (iOS) 3,741 $2,020.14
Totals 9,103 $5,773.54

Below are yearly sales and profits for Fun Infused Games:

Year Sales Profits
2009 201 $448.70
2010 4,178 $2,924.60
2011 9,103 $5,773.54

2009 numbers are a bit misleading as they include only a couple months. 2010 gives a much more fair indication of the growth of Fun Infused Games. In the span of a year, our profits have nearly doubled (and this is with one of my releases flopping). While overall we still did not make a lot, a doubling of sales is a significant milestone. It is my goal in 2012 to double this number again. I believe with steady improvements in game quality along with more releases and ports, in a few years Fun Infused Games could be doing very well. I am finding game development a long, slow grind to success. Thankfully there are indications that this success is coming.

I hope to release more games in 2012 than I did in 2011. This will come from having a smaller game scope and porting or updating existing titles. I will also be changing the focus of Fun Infused Games some in 2012. While I will not abandon XBLIG, I do feel that it isn’t suited for the large releases that I’ve been trying to do nor is it well suited for more traditional gaming experiences. Thus my larger releases will be targeted towards PC and iOS while any XBLIG projects will be smaller in scope, likely things I can finish in the span of a few weeks. I have one such project that I will be releasing very soon, expect an announcement soon.

Thank you to everyone that has helped or supported my gaming efforts in 2011. While 2011 didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, I can see some very positive signs too. 2012 should be even better!

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