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Date 12/17/2008    Tags Web    (0)

Sites like Digg can do wonders to increase popularity of your articles, but they are flawed in how they publicize these links.
Date 11/13/2008    Tags Web    (2)

The TabContainer easily allows you to create a tabbed container for your site, though it's pretty plain out of the box. Thankfully with just a little CSS, we can change this.
Date 11/1/2008    Tags Web    (0)

A really simple way to setup images that change when the mouse pointer is over them.
Date 10/3/2008    Tags Web, Rant    (0)

Why must so many sites have client side scripting errors? It shouldn't be so hard to fix these errors yet they seem blissfully unaware they exist.
Date 9/16/2008    Tags Web, Rant    (0)

How about we allow people to blacklist sites they don't ever want to see in their search results? It would make me a lot happier.
Date 9/2/2008    Tags Advise, Web    (0)

Only you can prevent domain name cyber squatting.
Date 8/18/2008    Tags Web,    (0)

Get around AJAX's tendencies to keep the browser where you post.
Date 8/15/2008    Tags Web    (0)

A brief rundown on one of my favorite Internet toys.
Date 8/7/2008    Tags Web    (0)

A few stories from the past week that were too bizzare not to mention.
Date 6/24/2008    Tags Web    (0)

My thoughts on another time-tested horror of the Internet and how to fix the problem.
Date 6/23/2008    Tags Rant, Web    (0)

Since the free world does the majority of its searching on Google, would we realize if there was a problem with Google's search or just assume that there were no better sites out there?
Date 6/13/2008    Tags Web, Visual Studio    (0)

An easy way to debug your JavaScript from the Visual Studio IDE.
Date 5/31/2008    Tags Web, Rant    (0)

Just sharing a few of the more boneheaded things I've seen while doing PC user support.
Date 5/22/2008    Tags Web    (0)

My thoughts on a cool new site for tracking notes online from just about any device.
Date 5/21/2008    Tags Web    (0)

My thoughts on my many years hosting websites with
Date 5/20/2008    Tags Web    (0)

You've got to keep your site up to date if you want to keep your visitors coming back.
Date 5/17/2008    Tags Web    (0)

I've got my eye on a shiny new domain name, but someone else got it first.
Date 5/15/2008    Tags Web    (0)

Why hypothetically paying companies to be listed on your search engine and not others is a bad idea.
Date 5/11/2008    Tags Rant, Web    (0)

Why it was better just having all the copywritten material on YouTube.
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