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Date 10/13/2010    Tags, Rant    (0)

When good web hosts go bad.
Date 12/21/2009    Tags XBLIG, Rant    (0)

Microsoft has done a great job of setting up a framework for Xbox Live Indie Games to succeed but missed one big step: marketing.
Date 11/12/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

Last night I had the misfortune of getting some of the worst service of my life at a local Buffalo Wild Wings.
Date 10/15/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

The world has some really strange creatures and I thought I would share one of the strangest I've seen in a long time, the blobfish.
Date 9/11/2009    Tags Nasty, Rant, Game Dev    (0)

Nasty has been out on the market for nearing three weeks now. Here's what's on my mind.
Date 7/24/2009    Tags XNA, XBLIG, Rant    (0)

My thoughts on the new 80, 240, 400 price points for Xbox Live Indie Games.
Date 6/26/2009    Tags Advise, Rant    (0)

When it comes to programming, I hear a lot of talk about whether or not a degree is important to succeed in the field. The answer is, it depends.
Date 6/12/2009    Tags Rant, Nasty    (0)

Finishing up a project is hard to do. But do I will.
Date 6/5/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

English born Tim Langdell is an author, a university professor, CEO of Edge Games, and in my humble opinion, a huge jerk.
Date 3/31/2009    Tags XNA, Rant    (0)

My thoughts on the recently release XNA Community Games sales data and the XNA initiative thus far.
Date 3/20/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

Why Twitter just doesn't work and why it can't be fixed.
Date 1/29/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

I know Alexa isn't perfect but felt that it was still a fairly decent benchmark of how my websites ranked. Recent trends though are making me reconsider that view.
Date 1/13/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

Because I spend most of my day coding, it doesn't leave me with a lot of new stories to share with my non-coding friends and family.
Date 12/31/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

Wrapping up 2008, getting ready for 2009.
Date 12/11/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

It's novel to own a bright shiny disc, but it's not practical anymore. Pretty soon, we will all be storing our videos on hard drives or streaming them from servers.
Date 12/9/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

I think the college I went to did a good job of preparing me for the working world but there are a few things I think they could have done better.
Date 11/10/2008    Tags Rant, C#    (0)

One thing that really annoys me is how variable scope is handled in Switch statements. Each case doesn't get its own local variables, rather a variable declared in one case is assessable by all.
Date 11/4/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

Rarely will I talk politics on this blog, but coming off what is already a monumental moment in American history, I felt compelled to say a little something.
Date 10/29/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

It wasn’t the delays or the compatibility issues or the Apple smear campaign, the real issue that truly hindered Vista's success was...
Date 10/28/2008    Tags Rant, Development    (0)

My thoughts on what will soon become the badging of all things .Net.
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