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Bad Service at Buffalo Wild Wings
Date 11/12/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

Last night I had the misfortune of getting some of the worst service of my life at a local Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant/sports bar that I frequent quite often.

It was busy and our waitress comes over to take our drink orders. She wasn't really personable but that wasn't a big deal. The drinks took longer than I would have liked, but it was busy so that was understandable.

At this point, our waitress didn't come back to the table for at least a half hour. We wanted more drinks but were unable to order any. Our food came and I was missing an order of Queso Sauce I had requested. I asked the bus boy for it, who proceeded to go to the kitchen then return to tell me that they had put it on my meal instead of on the side as I requested. Seeing as I wanted it for my chips, that didn't do me much good so I asked to get the side order too. He then disappeared, having bumped into our waitress and letting her know.

After waiting 10-15 minutes for my Queso Sauce and being unable to eat my meal because of it, I walked over to where the kitchen was and was able to flag down our waitress (the first time I had contact with her since she brought our drinks) and ask for the Queso Sauce, which she begrudging got from the kitchen (though she got me a small side of it when normally I get a side about double that size).

With empty drinks still at the table, the waitress finally stops by and simply says "Sorry" and walks off without giving us a chance to get more drinks or even reply to her less than sincere apology. Normally I would expect a waitress (a lot earlier actually) to ask how our food was or if we needed anything else and generally try to ensure we had a good dining experience. I guess that would have been too hard for her to do.

10 minutes or so later, she walks by, places the check on our table, and walks away. Not a single word to us. I wanted to purchase some Spicy Garlic Sauce as well, but was not given any chance to do so.

At this point, incredibly annoyed, I spoke with a manager who apologized for the waitress, said he would talk with her ("she's usually good" he claims), paid for half our meal, and threw in a free bottle of Spicy Garlic sauce for me.

If this weren't a place I often like to go anyways, this is just the sort of situation that would make me never ever come back again. If I ever get this waitress again (assuming she isn't fired yet), I'll definitely ask for someone else. 0" style="display:none"

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