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Hypership iOS 1.2 Details
Date 2/26/2012    Tags Hypership, iOS    (0)

As of yesterday, the 1.2 update for Hypership Out of Control on iOS has been submitted for Apple's approval. This is a bigger, more feature packed update than 1.1. Doing an update to an app is great for two reasons. First adding new value to an existing app makes your customers happy (happy customers will play and buy your future releases). Second, it gives you a great chance to promote your app and get new customers.

Sometimes there are issues to fix with an update but this Hypership update isn't about fixing issues, it's about adding cool new stuff. So enough of my babbling, here's what is new:

  • New Icons
    These are an improvement over the past couple icon sets. They actually were intended to be for the 1.1 update but could not be completed in time. They look better than the old ones and could possibly increase downloads of Hypership.

  • New Song
    I've added a new song into the mix of in-game music. If you've played Hypership Still Out of Control for XBLIG, you've probably already heard this.

  • Ghost Mode
    I've added a new "Ghost Mode" to the game. In this mode all the blocks / asteroids are black, making them very difficult to see (absence of stars and laser explosions can help). This is an uber-hardcore mode. I'm excited to see what kind of scores gamers can put up.

  • Menu Cleanup
    I've did some prettying up of the in-game menus. Nothing major but a subtle nice touch to the game.

I hope this gets many of you back to playing Hypership and gets some new people trying the game out too. If there are other features you'd like to see in future Hypership updates, let me know (comments below). And since people often ask, I'm planing to include iCade support in Hypership 1.3.

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