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Date 11/18/2011    Tags FIN, Volchaos    (0)

Volchaos is pretty much done, when is it coming out? What's next?
Date 11/11/2011    Tags FIN, Volchaos    (0)

Ramblings on the nearly completed state of Volchaos.
Date 10/28/2011    Tags FIN, Volchaos, Hypership    (0)

Volchaos progress updates and the results from our free Hypership iOS promotion.
Date 10/14/2011    Tags Fin, Volchaos, Nastier    (0)

Volchaos Volcaos Volchaos... Did I mention that I worked a lot on Volchaos?
Date 9/30/2011    Tags FIN, Hypership, Volchaos    (0)

Update on Hypership sales, Volchaos progress, and a possible Unity3D future.

Hypership lives on iOS... and not much more to add!

Hypership landing soon on iOS, Hypership WP7 update landed now, and various news and notes on my other gaming projects.
Date 9/2/2011    Tags FIN, Hypership, Volchaos    (0)

Hypership iOS and WP7 udpates, Volchaos, and Summer Uprising thoughts.
Date 8/4/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

The fun is finally back! Updates on the Summer Uprising, Volchaos, Hypership Out of Control for iOS, and my missing PC game collection.
Date 6/10/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Volchaos and World of Chalk progress, new World of Chalk video, a simple app release, and some Wii U thoughts. Is that enough for you?
Date 6/3/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Hypership WP7 paid version released and progress updates on Volchaos and World of Chalk. And a new WP7 game!
Date 5/20/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Hypership WP7 update finished and released, new levels for Volchaos, and new enemies in World of Chalk. Slow and steady progress all week long at Fun Infused Games.
Date 5/13/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

A look at early Hypership WP7 ad revenue, progress updates on Volchaos and World of Chalk, and even some Verizon bashing (not too harsh though).
Date 5/6/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Hypership WP7 release followup and other game development progress for you to put in your pipe and smoke.
Date 4/29/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Hypership released for WP7 and progress on my other games too.
Date 4/15/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

My game progress and an impromptu rant on Nintendo.
Date 4/8/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Lots of Hypership WP7 updates going on this week, a little of other stuff.
Date 4/1/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Talking about what the heck we've been up to this week. The short answer... LOTS!
Date 3/25/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

We're making the games this week (and every week).
Date 3/18/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

This is how we do it at Fun Infused Games.
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