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Fun Infused Friday 14
Date 9/2/2011    Tags FIN, Hypership, Volchaos    (0)

Once again I've missed a few Fun Infused Fridays. Partly that's been due to my work on the Indie Games Summer Uprising but also because I didn't have anything all that exciting to report. Thankfully that's not longer the case!

We got our first drafts of the intro and title music for Volchaos. Take a listen here and here and let me know what you think in the comments below. I've also commissioned a few new art pieces (including a dinosaur skeleton) to help liven up the levels.

Hypership Out of Control
We've got the new artwork for Hypership and boy is it snazzy. Below are a few screen shots. If you want to see more, check out the iOS Hypership page (also new!).

Hypership iOS is getting tested and bug fixed as we speak. It's very exciting seeing this come together and getting so near being done. I really think the iOS version is the best version of Hypership to date. It shouldn't be a lot longer until release.

I've been adding the new artwork to Hypership WP7 as well and expect to push out a free update with that soon too. I have a few tweaks left and I may try and see if I can improve performance a little bit more. It's somewhat disappointing to go from iOS running at a smooth 60 fps to WP7 running at a less smooth 30 fps. Hypership is really a game that benefits from 60 fps. I hope some day as WP7 devices and the OS improve, this will be possible too. The iOS version will always be my preferred Hypership so long as this is the case.

Other Stuffs
The Summer Uprising is winding down. 9 of 10 titles are now out and the final title, while a bit late, will hopefully be out by weekend's end. It's kinda crazy that we've been working on this for months in anticipation of the past few weeks. I love how much these games have been promoted but I'm sad some of the devs haven't experienced the sales they hoped for from it. I'll get more into my thoughts on the whole Uprising in a week or two. I'm holding off for now because there is still more to come that should help out...

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