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Date 8/18/2011    Tags Hypership, WP7, iOS    (0)

Hypership Out of Control is getting a new coat of paint for it's upcoming iOS release and update for WP7.
Date 7/11/2011    Tags WP7    (0)

From time to time, I get into discussions about WP7 Free plus ads vs. Paid / Trial versions of games. I always tell people "free downloads are going to kill paid / trial downloads" but I've never had my own numbers to back it up with... until today.
Date 5/5/2011    Tags Hypership, WP7    (0)

Postmortem on the WP7 port of the XBLIG smash high Hypership Out of Control.
Date 5/4/2011    Tags WP7    (0)

Learn how to get rid of nagging slowdown causes by playing too many sounds in your WP7 game.
Date 4/19/2011    Tags XBLIG, WP7    (0)

Is one platform harder to develop for than the other? Inquiring minds demand to know!
Date 4/7/2011    Tags Hypership, WP7    (0)

A brief rundown of the online high scores system coming to the WP7 version of Hypership.
Date 4/1/2011    Tags WP7    (0)

Looking back at my Divide By Zero application for WP7.
Date 3/22/2011    Tags WP7    (0)

Getting your SoundBank on in WP7.
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