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Fun Infused Friday - Finish Line Crossing
Date 11/11/2011    Tags FIN, Volchaos    (0)

Finishing a game is hard. Just when you feel like you're there, other little things crop up again and again and again. When you're trying to make your game the best it possibly can be, it's hard to ever reach a point where it feels like everything is done. That's what I've been struggling with this past couple of weeks. So little left and yet so much I have to do.

I've spent a lot of time just playing Volchaos this week and making the occasional level tweaks. Before I release the game, I want to go through and completely 100% finish it. I didn't have much trouble beating all the levels but collecting all the gems in each level has turned out to be quite the challenge.

As I played Volchaos, some levels got updated to be easier, some got moved later in the game if too hard, and others simply forced my skills as a gamer to improve in order to finish them. Sometimes when you have a big todo list for your games, it's easy to neglect taking the time to just play your games. Spending hours to fully beat the entire game has lead to a lot of little improvements here and there.

I still need to finish all the expert levels, ensure that Volchaos fully passes the Evil Checklist, and write the "best" ending (the game has three different endings depending on how much of the game you have completed). After that, there is very little left to do. I feel good about releasing next week but this time last week, I said that about this week. I possibly could have released this week if I skipped out on some of the testing but with so many games releasing this week, I decided it would be better off to wait at least a week. Next week isn't really great either but it seems during the Holiday season, no weeks are really good. Just going to have to release and hope for the best.

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I just recently heard about the PlayStation Suite from Sony. It sounds a lot like Xbox Live Indie Games. It allows you to release games for the Vita, Android, and tablet platforms using C# (just like XBLIG!). I signed up for a closed beta (wish me luck) so I can try this out. The fact that I could stay using C# would be fantastic. If Sony does this right, PlayStation Suite could be the XBLIGs that XBLIGs never was. It's very exciting for not just me but for many other XBLIG developers that liked the framework and development environment but found the Marketplace aspects to be lacking.

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