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Date 12/22/2008    Tags Development, C#    (0)

Here are eleven things that annoy me that I have run into while doing .Net programming.
Date 10/28/2008    Tags Rant, Development    (0)

My thoughts on what will soon become the badging of all things .Net.
Date 10/2/2008    Tags Rant, Development    (0)

A popular discussion online these days is the decline in the number of Computer Science students these days. I am a Computer Science major and wittnessed one of the major reasons for this firsthand.
Date 9/12/2008    Tags Development    (0)

Perhaps even more daunting than the question of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is the age old dilemma, "should I use client or server-side validation?"
Date 8/25/2008    Tags Development, Rant    (0)

When you do something that should cause an error, you should get an error. That seems like a simple enough rule to follow, yet
Date 7/25/2008    Tags Rant, Development    (0)

Why it's okay to use comments, even though the man will tell you it's wrong.
Date 7/13/2008    Tags Rant, Development    (0)

It's a curse to be a visionary like me… too many ideas, not nearly enough time.
Date 6/26/2008    Tags Development    (0)

The good and bad of centralization.
Date 6/10/2008    Tags Development    (0)

My own personal hell: debugging JavasScript.
Date 6/9/2008    Tags Development    (0)

Why it's more important to learn the concepts of programming than learning just the language.
Date 5/26/2008    Tags Development    (0)

There seem to be two prevailing schools of thought on this issue, yeah or nay. No spoilers here, you’ll have to read the article to find out.
Date 5/26/2008    Tags Development    (0)

In this day and age, there is a freeware or commercial options available for just about everything you could ever want to do, yet I hate using them.
Date 5/23/2008    Tags Development    (0)

A few words of warning and a leason learned when estimating how long a project will take.
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