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Fun Infused Friday - Pending Yacht Edition
Date 9/16/2011    Tags FIN, Hypership, Volchaos, Trivia or Die    (0)

This is a huge week for Fun Infused Games, as we officially have released our first game on the iOS platform (more on that just a bit later). With money soon to be rolling in, our dreams of yachts will quickly come to fruition...

Hypership Out of Control
On Thursday (or more accurately at some point on Wednesday), Hypership Out of Control went live on iOS. Jesse set the release date for Thursday so it was surprising to find out mid-Wednesday that the game was out in New Zealand, out in the UK later in the afternoon, and in the US finally at around 10 my time. I wasn't as ready with PR material (including the trailer) as I would have been had I realized when it would be releasing. Lesson learned.

After a day and a half on the App Store, things seem promising. Our first full day of sales eclipsed the first two weeks of Hypership sales on Xbox Live Indie Games. Apple added Hypership to their Featured - New listing at some point and it seems likely our second full day sales will be even higher (how much higher, I cannot say). I've been doing some reading up and asking around on the iOS marketplace. I still don't have a strong feeling for what to expect. I think for the near future, our sales will climb but I'm not sure at what point they will peak and what type of daily sales to expect long term.

Ratings, reviews, and feedback on Hypership has been great though. The two website reviews have rated Hypership 10 out of 10 and 5 out of 5 and on the App Store Hypership is currently rated 5 stars (out of 5). We've even gotten some funny feedback like this: "Totally addictive, loving it. Also, pants?". I love our fans.

I created a new trailer for the iOS version of Hypership as well, if you haven't seen it, check it out below:

Light work load this week on Volchaos, tweaked some levels and finished up all the between level comics / scenes. Hypership promotion efforts took away time Volchaos otherwise would have received.

Trivia or Die
I started writing questions in my spare time. I've got about 55 done now. The final game will have around 500. I'm just doing this when I'm bored or have a few free minutes of time, so it may be a while before I have anything real to show or before I start actually coding the game.

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