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Fun Infused Friday - Angry Seal Eats People
Date 10/28/2011    Tags FIN, Volchaos, Hypership    (0)

I came to the realization yesterday that I've been working on Volchaos for 8 months! It certainly doesn't feel like that long and I really thought I would have been finished long ago (originally I was trying to be part of the Summer Uprising). I did take some breaks in there to work on Hypership WP7 and World of Chalk plus I didn't do a lot of game development in June or July. I would like to finish games much quicker than this but I also have certain standards I must match too. In the end, I'll take longer if I have to, but I won't like it. Nor does this seal...

The most work on Volchaos this week was with the boss...

The above video is close to a finish product but not the final version just yet. I've since adjusted the boss's behavior some (for instance he will jump back up to the platform more quickly if he's stuck in a hole between blocks) and a few other things. I've still got a little more tweaking to do and I have to setup a better boss death sequence, but overall I'm pretty close to done with him. I believe the boss is a fitting end to the game, I wanted to go out with something unique rather than end after just another level.

I've also been polishing up the rest of the game, such as adding some new artwork and backgrounds, cleaning up the player artwork, and adding some particle effects here and there (including particles that float up from the lava itself). Volchaos is the most polished game I've made so far.

At this point I feel confident of an early November release for Volchaos. I want to do one more playtest with essentially the final version of the game. I will adjust some levels based on that feedback and a few other minor things too plus search hard for bugs. I'll announce a release date as soon as I can get through peer review.

Hypership iOS
On 10/26, we offered Hypership Out of Control for iOS for free! Over 12,000 new users picked up the game during this time. We got lots of compliments on the game. While it's nice to be nice, the real goal of this giveaway was to spread the word about Hypership. The following day, our sales were the highest they've been in October. We definitely made up for any sales we lost on 10/26 and then some. It's too early to tell if the sales will stay up long term (we've got 12,000 happy customers now to tell their friends and family to try our game) but it's certainly a promising start.

Other Stuffs
Every Halloween I buy way too much candy and get way too few trick or treaters. Next week should be full of game development mixed with me eating way too much candy. How will that extra sugar buzz translate into my games? You'll just have to wait and see!

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