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Fun Infused Friday 4
Date 4/1/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

This week at Fun Infused Games was probably not as productive as the last but that doesn't mean we didn't get stuff done (awesome stuff at that). We're still plugging away on several projects and gearing up for Dream Build Play.

World of Chalk
Did some work on the inventory end of things. Not a lot else to report. This game will get much more attention very soon. As we start adding more enemies and more items and more levels, the "fun" will really begin to shine.

One of the big news items for the week is that our previously temporarily titled game Volcano has received the official title of Volchaos. Volchaos is also in playtest (right now even if you want to check it out) for the first time and has gotten a good amount of feedback. Generally gamers think the game is pretty fun but have a few control issues and haven't really been clear on why they should bother collecting gems (because they are there is apparently not a good enough reason).

We also threw together our first attempt at a video development log (vlog? vdlog?). The audio doesn't start until 14 seconds into the video and there is a strange issue with the sound getting quieter halfway through, but overall this new process went ok. Not sure how often I will be creating these video logs but I definitely want to make more and I feel like the next one will be less buggy than the first.

Hypership Out of Control WP7
I didn't do any actual work on the WP7 port of Hypership this week but I do have significant news on the WP7 Hypership front. First, I should have a Windows Phone 7 device to test on today. I got tired of waiting for Verizon to get WP7 phones and opted to get a developer device instead (it's the same thing basically except I cannot use it to make calls). Before I progress further into development of Hypership, I need to make sure that the current version feels right so I don't end up developing an entire game wrong.

Secondly I've been working on the online high scores piece. This will allow you to register an account and track your high scores against everyone else that is playing Hypership. The database design for this is mostly done and I'm working on the web service that will be used with it. I'm designing this in a way so that it will be easy to add new games to the service in the future too (possibly even games other than my own, if other WP7 developers are interested). I'm really excited for the online high scores. This was a feature I initially loved in the XBLIG version of the game but because it used peer-to-peer sharing, once fewer people started playing the high scores weren't really shared. This won't be an issue with the WP7 version.

Other Stuffs
If you go to the home page, you'll see we're running a new poll, this time asking you which platform you'd like to see me (Fun Infused Games to my friends) make games for. So far people mostly want me to stick to XBLIG. While I'd love to do that, I do believe that poor sales dictate I at least try other platforms. To this end, I have spent some time playing with Unity3D again this week. When I finish one or more of my current projects I will very likely start taking Unity much more serious.

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