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Fun Infused Friday 3
Date 3/25/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

Another week down and a busy week it was. I got more time to work on games this week than in past weeks and it really shows. Fun Infused Games could crank out games every month or two if I were consistently this productive.

World of Chalk
Did some work on collision paths and not too much else. Our artist is working hard on getting the several level themes setup. Put a very basic website together to promote the game too. I'm expecting to ramp up effort on this game very, very soon.

Volcano (working title)
Ten levels are all setup and very playable. Finished the saving of high level reached, levels speeds, and gems collected. I did the very first test on the Xbox hardware and I've very happy to say performance-wise it ran without a hitch. There is a strange bug that causes the storage device selector to appear twice that I need to fix still and a few other issues (collision detection for moving platforms occasionally does some odd things that gamers won't appreciate) that I need to take care of but after that the game will be ready for its first playtest.

Depending on how the playtest goes, I'll either have lots of stuff to fix or I'll start working on some more levels. I would really like to finish this game by the end of April but I'm awful at keeping schedules so expect it sometime in September of 2013 (kidding).

I also created a new video showing off the current state of the game. If you haven't already seen it, prepare to be amazed (and if you have already seen it, be amazed again).

Hypership Out of Control WP7
The progress made on the Windows Phone 7 port of Hypership this week was nothing less than astounding. I had to spend a ton of time redoing all the menus, UI elements, and saving but after that the game pretty much ran as is. I will have to redo all the waves because the width of the phone screen (480) is much less than the screen size of the Xbox version (1280). The new waves will be similar to the old ones but have new elements too.

I did most of the database design for the online high scores as well. Next up I'll be creating a web service that will allow the phone to save and load scores from the database. This is going to be so much better than the peer-to-peer system the Xbox version was forced to use. I can't wait until gamers really get to play and compete for the best scores.

The biggest holdup on the WP7 release could end up being my lack of a physical phone. I'm a Verizon customer and not planning to switch but they still haven't released a phone or given any date for that (the 24th of this month was rumored but that passed without any phones... the good word is "soon" though). I will not release Hypership without testing it myself for performance and usability issues. I am having some others test it on actual phones now and it apparently runs pretty well but has a few framerate hitches here and there.

Other Stuff
The poll on this blog is working, check out the front page for that. Besides that, not much else to add. See you next week.

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