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Fun Infused Friday 10
Date 5/20/2011    Tags FIN    (0)

It's just been one of those weeks where I don't have any major news to report, just steady progress on the several games I'm working on.

Hypership WP7
We released a new update to Hypership WP7 this week. The update adds a new pink ship and makes some tweaks to the gameplay variables. Looking at the high scores saved online, it is painfully obvious that many players are not getting far in the game, even many that have been playing a lot. Ideally I'd like average players to be able to get a few waves into the game while good to great players will be able to finish all ten waves. To this end, I made three gameplay tweaks. First, you now start with one destroy all bomb. Second, the acceleration of your ship is slightly less. Third, your initial top speed is less. It is my hope that by making the initial portion of the game easier, casual to average games will be able to get further and want to play more. After a few waves, the speeds will be similar to what the previous speeds were and thus more hardcore gamers can enjoy the game just as much too. I fully expect to see some better high scores coming out now that this update has been released.

I also started on the paid, no-ad version of Hypership WP7. I can tell you first hand, playing without the ads is a lot nicer than playing with them. There isn't a lot more work left until I can release this version, mainly just handling the purchase of the game and converting trial mode into full mode. The trial mode itself will be identical to the ad-supported version and paid will just be the same version without ads. I'm opting not to add paid-specific features because I want each version to be as appealing as possible and because honestly I don't expect a lot of sales from the paid version (based on what I'm seeing for sales of other WP7 games).

Most of the work on Volchaos this week came in the form of 3-4 new levels (total count is now 26 of 40). One of the levels is an elaborate moving platform level where you have to dodge obstacles and use lava lowering items to progress to the end. It's one of the cooler, more original levels in the game.

We also started the third playtest of Volchaos. Thus far the responses have been positive and I haven't heard complaining about the controls or movement (for this version of Volchaos the character is far less slippy than before). It's good that this is close to finalized and I can mostly concentrate on finishing the remaining levels.

World of Chalk
World of Chalk got a few minor issues cleaned up, got the basic menu system fully working, added death animation for the player and enemies, and added a whole bunch more enemies to the game. The game world is really coming alive and is very cool to see in action. I keep promising a new video and one day that will happen. Next up I need to fix some ground collision issues and then work on enemy behaviors (right now they all act the same way, attack if you get close and otherwise just stand around).

Other Stuffs
Dream Build Play is just around the corner. I wish it wasn't, it feels like there is just so much left to do. In the past incomplete games have won so I do believe having just a couple mostly playable levels is enough to place well, but it still is disappointing I won't be able to put in a 100% complete game. I'm going to concentrate on getting as much done as possible in the early areas and then cross my finger that that is enough.

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