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Fun Infused Friday - Spaceship Parts
While not an overly busy week at Fun Infused Games, it is a week with a lot of news to report. So let's jump right into it (after this fun image below of course)...

Hypership Out of Control
Our biggest news is that the iOS version of Hypership is finished and has passed Apple's review process. This means all we have to do is flip the switch (or the App Store equivalent of flipping a switch... possibly pressing a shiny button) and you'll be able to buy our game for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Last week involved a lot of testing (on my part) and a lot of fixing (on Jesse's part). I'm a bit of a stickler for details so I gave him a lot of nitpicky things to change (that particle should be yellow not red, the heading on this page doesn't match the heading on that page, space bees look like they've gotten into the Red Bull supply, etc). Thankfully he's a good sport and only hated me a little for this and was able to bang out those changes post haste. I'd also like to thank Matt (ToysThatKill) and Master Blud for their help playtesting.

When we put the game into review, we did not anticipate it passing in under 24 hours. So rather than releasing immediately, we'll be taking the next several days to get our media and press releases set and ready (new trailer coming soon!). Promotion is a big part of being an indie developer and I aim to do it right. It should be interesting moving on to a new platform (iOS). I know so many of the tricks and best practices for XBLIG and while I suspect many of them translate, there will also be a number of new and different things as it relates to iOS game development / sales / marketting. If you've got tips for this platform, don't hesitate to share them in the comments at the end of this article.

Also on the Hypership front, the Windows Phone 7 update with the new graphics and improved load times is out too. I paid for a bunch of new artwork for the iOS version and it just makes sense to bring that artwork over the the WP7 version too. I hope you all appreciate it! The update is free and available now.

I've debated back and forth on this game if it were worth the effort to include Awardments (the unofficial XBLIG version of Achievements). While playing / testing Hypership for iOS (which includes Game Center Achievements), it dawned on me that even if these are an unofficial feature, adding them into Vochaos isn't wasted effort. Some gamers will appreciate them on XBLIG and when I port to other platforms (PC, possibly moble platforms), originally having Awardments makes implementing true Achievements far easier. So a big part of my Volchaos work this week has been adding in Awardments (the framework to support them and the menu system to display them).

I also did a lot of work on the intro sequence to the game, which you can see in the video blow. Note that I did make some tweaks since shooting this video, such as making the flag blow in the wind and adding a fire bat at the top of the cliff that periodically flies by.

Trivia or Die
As of this week, I've started writing trivia questions for the next version of Trivia or Die. The upcoming version will be a specific theme, not general knowledge like the original game. I'm not officially announcing that theme just yet, but I believe you will all find it interesting and fun. I'm just going to be writing questions for this when I've got a few minutes here and there to spare, it's not getting my full blow attention nor am I starting on any actual coding for it for a while. With the Summer Uprising winding down, I'll need something to fill my free time.

I do have some planned changes to the game, mostly based off of user feedback from the original. Stuff like displaying the category first and then the question and displaying the question briefly before the vote buttons / timer should make the experience more enjoyable. And hopefully I can come up with some new ideas to make the host less annoying and the final deaths more crowd pleasing.

World of Chalk
Nothing new to report here but don't forget about this game. I'll be getting back to working on it this month too.

Other Stuffs
I tore a tendon in my pinky finger and it's a in splint now. It makes writing capital letters hard as I now need to use a different finger to do so. So I'm gonna be done with this now before the writing pains me more.

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