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Post Election Thoughts
Date 11/4/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

Rarely will I talk politics on this blog, but coming off what is already a monumental moment in American history, I felt compelled to say a little something.

In years past, I saw people vote for one guy because he belonged to one part or another because they didn't like the guy the other party was running (that was my reason for a Kerry vote in 2004). Barack Obama is different. I have never seen so many so passionate about a candidate. Not just African Americans but all Americans, there are so many people that look at him and see the promise of a brighter tomorrow by his guiding hand.

Every day for the past several weeks I've seen people holding Obama signs at various intersections around town. I've seen many people proudly wearing Obama shirts. I've seen personally people that never passionately followed politics get involved with the campaigns. And for the first time in my life, I found myself genuinely excited that my guy might win.

Conversely I did not see the same thing from the McCain camp. Even the people that ultimately voted for McCain never seemed all that excited about voting for him.

I'm also happy and proud to live in a society where we looked past the color of the man's skin and looked at his character and qualifications. The majority of the United States is white and they easily could have voted that way but overwhelmingly we as a country chose the person best suited for the job regardless of race, upbringing, religion, age, or bowling ability.

Now that Obama will be taking office, I just hope that it he can translate his election success into real success for the nation. If Obama can live up to the standards he has set so far, he could easily mark himself as one of the great all-time American political figures. 0

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