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Not Buying the Twitter Hype
Date 3/20/2009    Tags Rant    (0)

Years ago I read this joke blog where the author wrote small posts about every minuet detail of their life. "I sat on a chair", "I ate a bagel", "I went to the store". Who knew that years later, this would turn into the phenomenon known as micro-blogging.

In theory it's not a bad idea. If you've got something quick and interesting that you just want to get out there (a funny link you found or a one line piece of advice for instance), it's not worthwhile to write up a whole blog post on it.

In practice however, the concept fails. Most people don't post things that are interesting or useful or funny. I don't care that you went to Whole Foods today or that your cat is sick and I never will. My Twitter feed is so full of junk that it's not worth the time or effort to find the good posts.

So why not quit following people that post junk? Go right ahead, and they'll quit following you too. That has been my experience so far, the only way to keep active readers of your feed is to be a read of theirs. So to get read yourself, you have to essentially have to follow other people that you often don't want to follow.

All that aside, I'll still use the likes of Twitter once in a while (primarily because it lets me post quick bits onto this blog). But that won't stop me from feeling that it's still a deeply flawed system. Unfortunately people are the biggest problem and there is no easy fix for that.

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