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Staying on Task
Date 6/12/2009    Tags Rant, Nasty    (0)

Whenever I start on a new project, I'm always super excited and put a ton of time and effort into it right off the back. This honeymoon period usually lasts for a month (give or take) before I ultimately lose interest and all my effort is essentially wasted. I've got at least twenty interesting ideas that are half implemented (some of which are even online now) but will probably never be completed (several of which are really cool too).

I'm particularly impressed with myself on my current game Nasty since I have been working on it very regularly since this past November (that's over seven months, a new personal record). I'd say I put in 15-20 hours a week working on it, which I feel is a good amount for something that is more a hobby than a day job (for now).

Mostly what brings me down is the little details required to finish up a project. I get the fun stuff out of the way right away, but it's hard to get motivated when tying up loose ends. Right now I'm struggling a bit with this on Nasty, as what is left are some difficult to solve bugs and ending sequence animations (which are tedious to create). The fun stuff like creating levels, new enemies, adding new abilities, etc is all long since passed.

Maybe the biggest difference on Nasty (besides the fact that it's a really cool game that I want people to play) is that I've actually invested my own money into the project on artwork and music. Normally on my other projects, it's only a time investment but should I not finish Nasty, I've flushed a significant amount of money away too. Given that I spend a large amount of my day working to get money, I make a concerned effort not to waste that money.

I've also got so many ideas of other projects I'd like to work one, some of which I'm more excited about than Nasty. So far I have avoided the temptation to start on them but it has not been easy. I know though that if I get started on one, it will be hard to finish up Nasty.

Thankfully this shouldn't last too much longer as it seems this will probably be the month I can finally release Nasty and then indulge myself on yet another project (yes, it will be another Xbox game, but you'll just have to wait and see what it is). 0" height=

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