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2008 Year End Roundup
Date 12/31/2008    Tags Rant    (0)

It's crazy that 2008 has come and gone already. It's also been eight months since I first started doing this blog, time that has also flown by. It's crazy looking back at how much I wrote here in just that small amount of time and how the topics of discussion have evolved. I have every intention to keep this up throughout 2009 and beyond. Lately I haven't been writing as many web development articles as I had earlier in the year, largely on account of an XNA game I am developing that is well on its way to garnishing me international fame and fortune. So expect more XNA articles in 2009 but I'll try and slip in the occasional web development piece too (web development is my day job, so I can't spend all my time doing XNA).

Below is a listing of the most viewed articles here for the 2008 year, check them out if you missed them the first time around.

Most Popular Articles of 2008

  1. What I Wish My College Had Taught Better
  2. GridView Row Color Change On MouseOver
  3. Using AJAX to Create a DropDownList for Populating a TextBox
  4. Enable/Disable All Buttons in a GridView using JavaScript
  5. I've Seen Why the Number of Computer Science Majors is Declining
  6. How to Make Your Website Insanely Popular
  7. Tech Support Horror Stories
  8. Bouncing Ball Movement in a 2D Level
  9. ListView Control With ImageButtons
  10. Change Image onMouseOver Using JavaScript
Here are a couple other 2008 articles I like that didn't get quite the viewership I feel they deserve.

Good Articles You Should Read

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my inspirational words since I started doing this blog. I certainly appreciate you all reading them and I look forward to writing even more (and hopefully better) in 2009.

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