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Nasty Game Progress Update 9
Date 11/10/2009    Tags Nasty    (0)

It's been a while since I've touched on anything going on with Nasty on this blog, but rest assured loyal Nasty fans, work is being done and you can expect a new update to Nasty in a few short weeks.

I've got a couple changes already completed... there is now a countdown after the "Hurry" message until the Doom Bolt enemy appears, which I felt created a better sense of tension as the player rushes to finish the level before the Doom Bolt arrives. I changed the Doom Bolt name to Black Sun as well, since that's what everyone seems to call it anyways (why argue with popular opinion?).

The last update introduced a couple new bugs (as every good update should). First, which is now fixed, was instances where a falling player could fall through bridges. The second, which is also now fixed, was a jump on level 95 that was near impossible to make. In testing before release, I must have miraculously made the jump several times yet after having this pointed out to me, it took me at least 10 tries before I could make it (and 10 more before I could repeat the feat).

I plan to touchup some backgrounds too... nothing major, just a few cosmetic improvements here and there. I'll probably tweak several of the game's levels too.

I've got some collision detection issues to clean up too, most apparent with destroyable blocks. I've had a few people complain of these issues since the game's release and I'm going to do my best to clean them up for this upcoming update.

Finally I want to introduce one or two new things to the game... a new weapon, a new enemy, etc. I haven't decided exactly what this will be yet (though I do have ideas) but I'd like something new to become a staple of every new release/update I make.

November 24th also marks the day that I can reduce the price of Nasty (3 months since release). I've seriously been kicking around the idea and following closely on sales threads on the XNA forums. I'd love for more people to get to play Nasty but also fear low download numbers will make selling Nasty at a lower price a huge financial blunder on a game that's already sold well below expectations. I expect there will be some kind of drop, but it might not be for a while after the 24th and I'm not sure if it will be down to 240 points or all the way down to 80 points. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions! 0" style="d

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