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February Progress update
Date 2/3/2010    Tags Nasty, Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

It's been a month since the last update on my game projects and a lot has happened, even though I haven't release any games yet (I've been saying I'd release Abduction Action! this month since December).

Fun Infused Games is on Facebook
In addition to Twitter, Fun Infused Games is now on Face Book. If you're a Facebook user (of course you are), become a fan of ours. This is yet one more avenue to allow us to interact with both our fans. If you're a game developer, you should consider creating a Facebook page for your company as well.

New Abduction Action! Video
I put together a sequence of gameplay from all four levels (including all four bosses) of Abduction Action!. I still intend to do an official trailer (which will be likely shorter and include some sort of captioning/voice overs) but it will be shorter and probably not released until after I submit Abduction Action! for peer review (the final step before an Xbox Live Indie Game goes live on the Marketplace).

Abduction Action! Progress
Sunday night I finished my TODO list for Abduction Action!. After more testing and some good comments from play testers, my list is once again about a half page long. The biggest remaining item is getting the global high scores to work right. After testing it became clear that my scores weren't being shared with anyone, which makes for a bad global scores listing. Live networking is far from my strong suit so hopefully this task doesn't prove to be too difficult. Most of the other remaining tasks are pretty minor tweaks that will rarely take more than a half hour each. I'm hoping to finish all these by this weekend.

I did add in one really cool new "feature"... falling poses for enemies. I'm not sure why I didn't have this before, but giving each Earthling a "falling to my death" pose as they are dropped really adds a lot of life to the game. Well worth the extra time it took to implement.

I'm still expecting to release this month, but it will probably be closer to the end of the month than the beginning. It should take me a week and a half for me to finish the game and then another week or two for it to complete the Peer Review process... unless it happens to fail Peer Review (happened once with Nasty), in which case the release will probably come in March. Either way, you'll all be playing Abduction Action! very soon.

Unannounced Collaborative Project Indefinitely Sidelined
Citing a general lack of time and waning interest, the collaborative project that I've occasionally mentioned here is now indefinitely put on hold. I can't do this project the way intended without the artist (who is too busy at this moment) and neither of us are as excited about this project as we were when coming up with the idea months ago. I'll post some videos one day of what we had, but I'm unsure at this moment if any of it will ever see the light of day. Too bad.

New Project
I'm in the planning stages of my next game, which I will start on after Abduction Action! goes into Peer Review. I'm not ready to say much yet other than it will be action packed, lots of fun, and feature some sweet four player co-op gameplay. Nasty had 2 player co-op, s

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