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Abduction Action! Box Art Evolution
Date 2/10/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Inspired by comments in a thread on the XNA forums, I decided to hire someone to redo the box art for Abduction Action! into something that looks professionally done. With Xbox Live Indie Games, often times all a gamer will get to see of your game is the box art... it needs to be good enough to make them want to see more (screenshots and hopefully a download of the trial version).

Here is my box art that I created, which I didn't think was bad but clearly wasn't done by a professional.

The initial design concept for the new box art was created by Dean Dodrill (better known as Noogy in the XBLIG world) who has been kind enough to offer improved box art suggestions for several XNA developers. This is what it looked like:

After searching some Indie Game message boards and getting some pricing for someone to finish up this concept, I decided to go with Paul Boutros. I liked several pieces of his artwork and he gave me a very fair price. Below is the rough first version of his work:

After several back and forth discussions on what worked well and what did not, we finally ended up with the below box art:

When you compare what I created with what Paul did, you can clearly see the benefit of hiring a true artist to do the work. Even if you cannot afford an artist to do your entire game, hiring one for the box art (because it is so much a part of getting your game noticed) should be a priority. 0" heigh

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