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Where is Abduction Action!?
Date 2/16/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

So earlier this month, I was stating very emphatically that you'd see Abduction Action! released in February. Well, I'm sorry to say this but that's not going to happen. In fact, don't be surprised if you don't see it released in March either.

While the natural reaction to such backbreaking news is to assume that I'm doing this because I hate gamers, that is far from the truth. In reality, I kinda like gamers and this delay will vastly improve the game thus benefiting gamers directly by giving them a better game.

The main goal of this delay will be to improve graphics and gameplay in Abduction Action!. Much of this decision was set off by very positive comments over the new box art, which in many ways shines much brighter than the rest of the game. Additional comments from the forums made me really believe that I need to dig in and improve the graphics and gameplay itself, something that I cannot do and realistically still release the game in February.

As many of you likely already know, Microsoft's Dream Build Play (DBP) contest ends submissions on March 3rd (Abduction Action! will be submitted in whatever form it happens to be at on that date). I certainly could release shortly after this date, but feel it would be better to not release at all that month. Right after the last DBP (which coincidentally was when Nasty was released), the XBLIG service saw a number of new releases. With the New Releases and Top Downloads lists being such a crucial part of making a successfully XBLIG, I believe it is in my best interests to wait until this period of many releases is over less risk being lost in the shuffle of many new games.

Anyways, I'm sorry to make you all wait for Abduction Action! but I firmly believe the final product will be a lot better for it... many months of development were spent on implementing basic features and squashing bugs. With largely all that resolved, the next month or two will be devoted to polishing the game. Having been doing this for a week, I can already see vast improvements... this is something that I wish I had done more of with Nasty, which got released pretty much once I had my list of features complete and bugs fixed.

Speaking of Nasty... I will likely being doing at least one more update to Nasty as well (likely including some new levels) but don't expect that until Abduction Action! is complete. 0" style="display:non

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