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Short Release, Long Release
Date 3/8/2010    Tags XBLIG    (0)

Bring the pain!
It took me eight months to complete and release Nasty. It's looking more and more like Abduction Action! will take eight months as well (the initial estimate was 3-4 months). More and more, I feel like this is too long to go between releases, especially for a small and relatively new Indie game studio trying to eek out a modest living.

I really like doing the larger games (larger for me at least, I understand others may spend years on one game) and don't plan to stop doing them anytime soon... but I do want to add in some smaller scale games between releases of the larger ones. By doing this, I can still work on the bigger games I want to make (which is what I'm most passionate about) while still releasing some smaller fun games along the way (keeping the Fun Infused Games name relevant and also providing me with much needed cash to spend on things like food and shelter).

With Abduction Action! nearing completion (this month or next), I've started doing a little planning on my next two games. The first game (which I have already mocked up some artwork for) is going to be a smaller game (sold for 80 MS Points) that I'm hopeful I can finish in a month or two. The graphics are going to be pixilated in an NES sort of way. I believe the idea I have for this is going to make for a very fun game but the scope of it is relatively small. The second game will take me at least six months and it wouldn't surprise me if that ballooned to a year or more. This is a game idea I've been really thinking about since I started making Nasty but didn't feel I had the skills (as a game developer and designer) to fully pull off. This will be my "masterpiece" so to speak, a columniation of years of planning and a youth full of way too many video games.

Anyways, this is my plan for now. Ask me in a week and I may very well have a different story to tell. 0"<

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