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Abduction Action! Two Week Sale Results
Date 5/4/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Finally sales stats are working right once more. Abduction Action! sales for the first two weeks are good but not great. The first two weeks have paid for all the assets I purchased for this game (music and artwork) so I'm in the black (not counting my own personal tile, which in all likelihood I will never make up). Nasty (my first game) had a bad release... terrible conversion rates, low sales, and I still haven't made a profit.

Rather than talk about this though, here are some hard numbers for you to ponder.

Date Trials Sales
4/18/2010 1653 123
4/19/2010 1575 150
4/20/2010 972 96
4/21/2010 904 108
4/22/2010 808 91
4/23/2010 746 94
4/24/2010 1007 170
4/25/2010 979 157
4/26/2010 507 95
4/27/2010 451 84
4/28/2010 434 73
4/29/2010 383 82
4/30/2010 436 70
5/1/2010 633 113
5/2/2010 401 57

Final Numbers:
Trials: 11889
Purchases: 1563
Purchase/Trial Ratio: 13.15 %

During this period, Abduction Action! appeared on the New Releases (obviously), Top Downloads (peaking at #9, at which point the system broke and the game stayed at #9 for several days), and lists. Today Abduction Action! fell from the Top Downloads list and a few days prior it disappeared from New Releases. I am hoping we can get back on the Top Downloads list at some point.

Overall the initial period went well. I had hoped for a better conversion rate but at least that rate is improving with each passing day. I also hoped the game would be rated a bit better than 3.5 stars (out of 5), but all things considered we're in (or close to depending on the day) the top 100 best rated Xbox Live Indie Games (out of 900+ games) so that's not too bad.

How well Abduction Action! fairs in the coming months will determine if it was a truly successful game. While it made me a decent amount of cash so far, its still not anywhere close to enough that I could start doing game development as a full time job instead of a late night hobby. 0" style="d

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