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Gaming Roadmap Revised
Date 5/17/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, Nasty, Hypership    (0)

While searching through my blog archives I came across an interesting article I posted about seven months ago, My Gaming Roadmap. In this article I discussed my current projects and where I was headed in the near and distant future. Not surprisingly a lot has changed (and some hasn't). I thought it would be fun to look at those games listed in the original article and access their validity in this day and age. And perhaps add a few new things too. Plus I needed an excuse to post a picture of a man giving a robot directions.

Previously Mentioned Games

Renamed Abduction Action!, this was released in April.

Sadly I just couldn't coordinate time with the artist for this project and it has since been put on indefinite hiatus. There is a basic engine done and some artwork. I may reuse the engine some day for a 2D overhead game (think Legend of Zelda).

2D Racing Game
I'd still like to do this. Under my new direction of doing small games mixed in-between larger releases, this would be one of my small games and is one of the higher priority small games right now.

2D Platform Puzzle Game
I was really high on this idea for about a week and then cooled off. Don't expect me to work on this anytime soon (if ever). I do have a different idea for a platform puzzle game that I think is better but that's far down my list of things I want to do.

A Metroidvania Game
Basics of the engine and editor are done. Still a TON of work left, but it's coming along though a bit diverted as I try and finish off Hypership. For those that actively follow me (go you), this is my secret project that I occasionally hint at :) Consider this post a big hint.

Tie Fighter / X Wing Type Game
Nothing to add here. I'd love to do it some day but haven't found the time to branch into 3D gaming just yet.

Contra Clone
I did a lot of design work on this and even a little early artwork on this. Then I decided to spend another couple months on Abduction Action! and refine gameplay and graphics... at the end of this time, I found my interests more heavily leaning towards my secret project and thus that's what I started work on instead. I do expect to revisit this some day.

New Games

Hypership Out of Control
This is my current high priority project, scheduled for a June release (at which point most of my work will be directed towards my secret project). Interestingly enough, this wasn't mentioned at all in my previous posting. Hypership was a sort of cool idea that recently came to me that I felt I could quickly develop into a fun game. It fits my new direction of "small games / big game" which I was not really doing at the time of the first posting.

Was planning an update to Nasty but I think it's gonna end up being something more. Right now I plan to do some work on this after Hypership is released.

Abduction Action Sequel
I'll probably revisit this some day and address some of the concerns from the first game (namely lack of replayability using either online scores or some sort of multiplayer mode). I also would like to make more varied enemies and more involved and unique tasks. And an even funnier storyline. And zombies.

2D Scrolling Fighter
I'd love to make a game like Double Dragon or River City Ransom. It could potentially be a lot of fun creating different "goons" to fight and weapons to use. This style of game was always good for some quick fun, especially with a buddy or two.


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