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No Wii Fit for Me
Date 5/24/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

I find the concept of Wii Fit very interesting… it’s a game, it’s an exercise. Two things that typically don’t go together. Back when I was a young pup, we used to have an NES with the Power Pad. This was a mat that allowed you to run, jump, and duck on various games. While it must not have fared well with consumers (judging from the fact they made about three games for it), it provided endless hours of enjoyment for my friends and I.

So Wii Fit interests me in much the same way, plus I’d really like a way to get some exercise without having to go out to the gym or running/biking (it’s a bit harder to do these things as often as you’d like once you’re a parent).

So I sauntered down to my local Best Buy a couple days ago to pick it up and was quite surprised to find it sold out. Not only sold out, but according to the sales people, sold out in the first five minutes. I stopped by Game Stop and Target and got much the same story. I knew the Wii was selling well as a system and hard to find in stores, but I was shocked to find a game that retailed at $89 to be such a blockbuster. I guess its proof that Nintendo’s strategy of “gaming for the everyman” is working.

Best Buy says it will likely be weeks before they get more, Game Stop had no idea. I checked at and was horrified to find not that they were sold out but that people were reselling them starting at $155 and going up from there. That’s nearly a 100% markup on this game. I’m still kicking myself about when I bought my Wii, as there were five or so systems that I wish I would have bought and resold for a profit.

I refuse to pay more than retail though, so I’ll be waiting. I’m kicking myself now because I could have reserved it at Game Stop, but I didn’t realize the huge demand for this game. Mario Kart after all didn’t sell out and that costs $40 less and is a much more established franchise. Lesson learned, next time there is a big game coming for the Wii, I’ll make sure I reserve one.

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