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Hypership Progress Update 2
Date 6/9/2010    Tags Hypership    (0)

My last post displayed the final version of the Hypership out of Control box art. Turns out though that I spoke too soon and my artist sent me a revised copy, which you can see below.

As good as the first final version was, this one is better. The title stands out much more and the glow around each ship is a nice effect.

Feature-wise Hypership is currently complete. Much like I did with Abduction Action!, I'm now concentrating my efforts on polishing the overall gameplay experience. I've been working hard to improve the in-game graphics, which have been seriously outshined by my box art. I'm hoping to have some new screen shots ready soon to show off the improvements.

I'm still dealing with some performance issues. I've spent more time on this game working on improving performance than any of my previous games combined. This is in large part due to the speed of the game and levels full of stuff to collide with and stuff to collect. It doesn't help that I've also got to do this with four players. The current performance issues seem to mostly stem from excessive garbage collection (which I'm doing my best to reduce) and updating/drawing large particle explosions. I've made significant strides in this area and hope soon that the game will run at a rock solid 60 fps.

I'm also trying to add little things to the game that give it character. I added random blinking eyes to one level for instance because it is different, fun, and kind of unexpected. I want the game to feel unique and interesting and stand out from other games. This is an aspect that I felt was too lacking on Nasty but a reason for much of the success with Abduction Action!.

I often find myself testing elements of my game and then continuing to play through many other areas that don't really need any testing. That's a good sign for the game, its fun to play. This may be my shortest game to develop and graphically the most simplistic, but I think a lot of people will find it to be my most enjoyable game too.

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