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Worldwide Ratings for Hypership Out of Control
Date 10/15/2010    Tags Hypership, XBLIG    (0)

Xbox Live Indie Games are currently available in ten regions worldwide. A while back I took a look at how my games were doing in each of those regions. Hypership has been out long enough to do just that too.

Hypership Out of Control (on sale 9/15/2010)

Canada 3.75 (23 votes) - #98 Best Rated
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France 4 (10 votes) - #21 Best Rated
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Germany 4 (22 votes) - #35 Best Rated
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Italy 0 (0 votes)
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Japan 3.75 (34 votes) - #79 Best Rated
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Singapore 0 (0 votes)
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Spain 0 (O votes)
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Sweden 0 (0 votes)
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United Kingdom 4 (75 votes) - #12 Best Rated
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United States 4 (190 votes) - #29 Best Rated
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Deviation between lowest and highest scores: .25
Average Rating: 3.96
Average Votes: 59 (354 total)
Highest Ranking: #12, United Kingdom
Lowest Ranking: #98, Canada

In the US there are currently 1,360 Xbox Live Indie Games (other countries have fewer but typically more than 1,200). My goal with Hypership was to create a top 20 rated game. While we only made that in the UK, Hypership is in the top 100 in all regions and #29 in the US (the biggest market for XBLIG). When the new Dash update to the Xbox is released (probably by November 11th), all those Top Rated listings go out to 50 (currently at 20 hence my target for making a top 20 rated game). Besides Japan and Canada, Hypership will now be included on all those lists which should help sales.

Japan specifically, I'm a little disappointed they didn't enjoy Hypership more. I thought Hypership would really be up their alley (fast paced shmup with online high scores) but perhaps they like their shmups in a traditional variety (more enemies, more bullets, etc).

Overall though, I'm pretty happy. Gamers seem to really enjoy Hypership. While initial sales have been sluggish, I believe this bodes well for long term sales and growth (people are talking about the game now too, buzz is building). It also makes me confident that bringing Hypership to other markets (PC and mobile) will be successful.

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