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Nastier Progress Update 2
Date 12/1/2010    Tags Nastier, XBLIG    (0)

A lot of progress has been made on Nastier since my last update. The project is really coming together but is also in line for some major changes too (all for the better I assure you). The game is faster, more action packed, and a lot more fun than the first Nasty ever was. It's funnier too.

Regarding the first play test for Nastier which I've been promising as happening soon, don't expect it until 2011. I had several issues I wanted to clean up before doing the first play test (as these issues would likely be mentioned by most people playing the game). While I have most of these issues cleaned up now, Nastier is going to be going through some major changes in the next few weeks and I don't feel it will be beneficial to do a play test on the game as it stands right now because of how much it will change.

The big news and the big reason for the many, many changes is because it appears highly likely at this point that I'll be joined on this project by the artist that originally did much of the artwork for the original Nasty (let's call him Phil because that's his name). Phil's contributions to Nastier will go beyond just artwork, as he will also be involved in game and level design and probably some promotional efforts too.

When working on Nasty, I paid Phil out of my own pocket on an hourly rate. This time around, we'll share profits on the final product. This will allow Phil to really, really improve the artwork for the entire game because he'll be able to work on it a lot more (all while not making me poor). While the characters and enemies will remain, they'll all be getting major face lifts. Check out an early example below of how these changes may go.

I find play testing invaluable in getting feedback but something I've missed on my previous games, mainly because I've been doing the design solo, is a real back and forth discussion of game play elements and ideas. Just from my early conversations with Phil about Nastier, I've already got several new ideas for things that will make Nastier even better. We work together well and together we're going to hash out a lot of great ideas that otherwise probably would not have come about.

This is an exciting time for Nastier, the project is turning a corner. It's changing from a fun game with okay visuals to a kick-ass gaming masterpiece. I'm not exaggerating when I say Nastier is going to be a huge improvement over Nasty in every way possible.

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