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Date 12/18/2009    Tags C#    (0)

Strange to find one of my Web friends missing from Windows development.
Date 12/22/2008    Tags Development, C#    (0)

Here are eleven things that annoy me that I have run into while doing .Net programming.
Date 12/2/2008    Tags C#    (0)

Make an MD5 hash more secure by adding a little salt.
Date 11/11/2008    Tags, C#    (0)

Here are eleven tips and tricks I've collected while developing applications that are useful and just might even make your day a little brighter.
Date 11/10/2008    Tags Rant, C#    (0)

One thing that really annoys me is how variable scope is handled in Switch statements. Each case doesn't get its own local variables, rather a variable declared in one case is assessable by all.
Date 11/9/2008    Tags C#    (0)

Never store passwords as plain text. Here is a simple function that will take a string and make it into an MD5 hash, making the world a more secure place in one fell swoop.
Date 10/4/2008    Tags C#, SQL    (0)

The best way to go about getting the ID of a row you just added to your MS SQL database from within a C# web application.
Date 8/7/2008    Tags, C#    (1)

A need little feature that can jazz up any Gridview is adding a color-change when the mouse is over a row. This tutorial shows you how (using alternating row colors to boot).
Date 7/17/2008    Tags, C#    (0)

A quick reference on how to use the JavaScript __doPostBack function to postback a page from the client-side.
Date 7/15/2008    Tags, C#    (0)

RSS is a beautiful thing that no website should be without. This code create just such an RSS feed for your syndication pleasure.
Date 7/8/2008    Tags, C#    (0)

A pretty little ditty that I created to allow you to copy items into a textbox quickly clientside.
Date 6/24/2008    Tags C#,    (0)

Expanding on my previous post to add tag count, alternating colors, and fix a bug with untrimmed tags.
Date 6/3/2008    Tags C#,    (0)

C# example how to load comma delimited tags and display them in a label.
Date 5/25/2008    Tags C#,    (0)

A brief look at the new 3.5 ListView control and how to caputre input from imageButton clicks.
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