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You do not have to make big games, just make good ones.
Date 12/17/2009    Tags Game Dev, Nasty, Abduction Action!    (0)

Having been developing games for XBLIGs for about a year now, here is a look at the rollercoaster ride I've taken as an Indie game developer.
Date 11/23/2009    Tags Nasty, XBLIG, Game Dev    (0)

Looking back at what went right, wrong, and what that means going forward.
Date 11/9/2009    Tags XBLIG, Game Dev, Nasty    (0)

A whole bunch of tips to help you get more eyes on your games.
Date 10/8/2009    Tags Game Dev, Nasty, Abduction Action!    (0)

What I'm working on and what I might work on next.
Date 9/30/2009    Tags Game Dev    (0)

What truly makes a game memorable? Is it a game that does many things well, or a few things great?
Date 9/11/2009    Tags Nasty, Rant, Game Dev    (0)

Nasty has been out on the market for nearing three weeks now. Here's what's on my mind.
Date 9/9/2009    Tags Game Dev, Nasty    (0)

Just because you release a game shouldn't mean that you're done with it.
Date 9/1/2009    Tags Nasty, Game Dev    (0)

Collision detection in Nasty goes down to a per-pixel level. Yet one review has labeled it "dodgy". Here's my explanation why and what can be done about it.
Date 8/19/2009    Tags Game Dev    (0)

Creating different classes of enemies to save time coding and debugging.
Date 4/29/2009    Tags Game Dev, Advise    (0)

Can I use that font for my video game, website, flyier, or lemonaide stand? Here's a quick overview what you can do and what you should consider.
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