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Date 1/2/2009    Tags Video Games    (0)

A game is intended to be for the user's enjoyment and that fact should always be the main focus when creating a game.
Date 10/26/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

Dave Halverson had some harsh words directed at critics of the latest Golden Axe video game, namely that they didn’t take the time to fully appreciate the game. Here is why he's wrong.
Date 8/5/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

My Wii has become nothing more than an expensive paperweight, a gimmicky piece of hardware that’s fun with a few friends around but easily eclipsed by other current gen systems.
Date 6/28/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

I was hoping for something new and exciting, but instead we get an updated Diablo.
Date 5/24/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

Sold out like a fox.
Date 5/18/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

The Xbox 360 makes a great media server with the addition of some nifty third party software.
Date 4/30/2008    Tags Video Games    (0)

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