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Putting a bow on 2010 for my game development endeavors.
Date 5/20/2010    Tags Nasty, Abduction Action!    (0)

A look at how the world at large sees my first two released games.

Looking back and revising a roadmap I made a several months back.
Date 5/4/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Update on how sales are doing during the initial release period of my latest (and greatest) gaming creation.

What the heck have I been doing this month? This is what I have been doing this month...
Date 4/23/2010    Tags Abduction Action!    (0)

Looking back at the developement of my second Xbox Live Indie Game.
Date 4/8/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Oh snap, review failed and the waiting game now begins.

A quick look at what I've been up to and what other trouble I will be causing.
Date 3/19/2010    Tags Abduction Action!    (0)

Getting really, really close to being done. And I'm super serious this time.
Date 3/3/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XNA    (0)

My entry for this year's Dream Build Play contest is finally complete and submitted.
Date 2/25/2010    Tags XBLIG, Nasty, XNA, Abduction Action!    (0)

The long over-due Nasty post mortem.
Date 2/22/2010    Tags XBLIG, XNA, Abduction Action!    (0)

Something something profiler optimization performance.
Date 2/16/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

It's not done yet and I'm gonna make you wait even longer for it.
Date 2/12/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Taking a look at the in-game graphics throughout the development of Abduction Action!.
Date 2/10/2010    Tags Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Going from programmer box art to something done by a real artist.
Date 2/8/2010    Tags XBLIG, XNA, Abduction Action!    (0)

Setting up global high scores for Abduction Action! Is proving to be a royal in the you know what.
Date 2/3/2010    Tags Nasty, Abduction Action!, XBLIG    (0)

Everything I've been up to!

You do not have to make big games, just make good ones.
Date 1/8/2010    Tags Abduction Action!    (0)

Heading down the home stretch...
Date 1/4/2010    Tags XBLIG, Nasty, Abduction Action!    (0)

Detailing the sales of Nasty at it's original price and the much lower current pricing.
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